Monday, October 18, 2010


Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim..
Please forgive us, our parents, our brothers and sisters,
Have Mercy on all of us,
Because You are The Most Kind,
The Most Merciful.

Ya Allah..
Fill our heart with 'nur'
Let us no regrets in the day of judgement,
Let our grave be one of the gardens of Jannah.

Ya Allah..
Calm our soul and grant us Jannatul Firdaus,
Let us drink from the fountain of Kauthar,
By the blessed hands of our Prophet saw,
On the day of qiamah.

Ya Allah..
Make our believe the most excellent believe,
And take our intention to the best of intentions,
And our 'amal to the best of 'amal..

Ya Allah..
Complete our intention through Your Gentleness,
Rectify our believe through what is with You,
Set right what is wrong in us through Your Power...

Ya Allah..
We ask You by Your Mercy which covers all things,
By Your Power which overpowers all things,
Please help us and guide us in our works,
Let our plan run smoothly,
Make our relationship better and closer,
And shower on us Your Blessing in this WORLD and HEREAFTER..

Amiin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin...


AziahAzie said...


fuad ansari said...

May u get the right partner who can guide u to the redha of Allah.. (",)


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